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Moxie, Moxie, you roxie my soxies! - Another day, another doll! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Another day, another doll!

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Moxie, Moxie, you roxie my soxies! [Jul. 31st, 2009|10:15 pm]
Another day, another doll!


Okay, so here is part 2 of my July wrap-up. Last Sunday was Moxie day. I got this great idea to check the Kmart at the edge of town. Not easy to get to, but worth it. They had ALL the new lines including a huge Moxie display right at the front of the doll aisle. I was in Heaven. They had everything including the costume girls and it was hard to pick, but I wound up with basic Avery. She won me over with her sweet face, non-rubber banded hair and casual clothes. I figure that she would be a good fit with my “high school” set of dolls. I definitely am going to get costume Avery at a later date tho. She is too cute!
I also picked up 2 My Scene Hollywood Bling dolls (Kennedy and Nia). I was shocked that they even had them. I was even more shocked when I realized they had lighter make-up and smaller mouths than their Mexico purchased counterparts. I figure it this way, I can definitely sell one of the Kenn’s and if I get bored of Nia and the other Kenn, I can just sell them too, since I know where to get more.
Lip/make-up variation. Mexico Kenn is on the left.

I also grabbed the Bratz artist Jade that I have been wanting. (Again, tiny doll art stuff= love.) Sadly, the US version has the boring old brown eyes, while the Canadian version had the fresh green eyes. I would’ve imported from Canada, but I decided to save money (and waiting time) by getting her then and possibly re-painting the eyes. Her hair is ridiculous. I HATE to cut doll hair, but I can’t do anything with that overgrown jungle on her head. Also, she and poor Avery had this nauseating shellac plastered all over their hair. Avery needed 2 washes to get it out and by then, the ends of her hair were sick. I then decided to boil wash it and took a page out of the vintage Barbie book by using fabric softener as conditioner. Then the ends got a trim. She is looking sleek and happy now.
Here she is with artist Jade, pre-hair treatment.

I was very pleased with my haul that day and craved more Moxie. I did a major sweep of all the other stores on Monday which included 2 Targets, a Walmart and a Toys ’R Us. No Moxie was to be found anywhere. I did however, see the H2O dolls based on the Australian mermaid series, in TRU. I’m happy to report that Playmates did a decent job with them and they are cute. They even had normal-length hair! Shock! What I wasn’t happy with was the same face mold was used for all 3 girls! Also, the price point of $16.99 seemed too much for what was offered: a mermaid tail (which I’d never use) and a basic 2 piece regular outfit. I’ll be passing on these. I am glad I saw them tho, because I am eagerly anticipating the iCarly doll line from Playmates, and they’ll most likely be cute. I do hope they use at least a different face mold for Carly and Sam or at least radically paint them differently. As long as they are cute, I will probably be buying them, no matter what the price point, as I am a huge fan of the show and have wanted iCarly dolls FOREVER.
On Tuesday, I got the idea to check the Kmart in the city for more Moxie, and this proved fruitful, as they had everything (except for the costume parties, which I’m holding off getting anyway). I took a long time making my decision, and settled on basic Lexa (I just liked her face the best of all the Lexas) and Art-itude Sasha who is just all kinds of awesome. I like her outfit the best out of all the Art-itudes. It looks like some 80’s tag art explosion! I also grabbed a Best Friends Club, Ink fashion pack on the hunch that it would fit Moxies (and it pretty much did).
Sasha wesrs the BFC "Ready to Rock" fashion, while Avery rides her bike.

Post hair treatment Avery, Sasha in her 2nd outfit and Basic Lexa in box.

My biggest find turned out to be 2009 Skipper!

I have been looking everywhere for her and Stacie with no luck, just Barbies and Kens from that camping set. This Kmart had only 1 Skipper and 1 Stacie/Kelly set and they were hiding behind other Barbie stuff. Hmm… Anyway, Skipper was an easy buy for me since I’m always happy to add another page to her history and her face is so sweet. (It is the 1995 Teen Skipper face, with a slightly different eye scheme) Stacie/Kelly however, were BIG disappointments. Stacie had an oddly slim new body , stinky tanned skin and HUGE, DARK eyebrows! She looked like a joke! The only thing that doll would be good for is a repaint. Kelly wasn’t too bad , but she, along with the 2009 Christmas Kellys, had awful MIS-PRINTED teeth! There looked like a black line through all of their teeth! Get Kelly to a dentist, quick!
Tuesday was also a great day because when I opened the door to leave, there was a package from Germany in there! I swear, it took less than a week to get here! I finally got around to opening it today.
Presenting German Baby Leckermaulchen… otherwise known as NBBE Baby Gusty!
Here she is with 2 NBBE friends, Babies Heart Throb and Ribbon.

I had a German Baby Gusty years ago, but I sold her because she had bad memories tied to her from a transaction gone wrong. I got this one for well under her current value and this is good as she had a major case of tail rust and needed a total inside cleaning.. The inner rust left some discoloration on her NDS which I will tackle when I order a new supply of Remove-Zit from Twin Pines of Maine. (Baby Glory has the same issue- good thing they are white, so there is no color to bleach out!)
What a great week that caps off a great month! More Moxie love tomorrow!

[User Picture]From: zoisite_willo
2009-08-01 05:41 am (UTC)
o.o I personally like the Moxie...They are really cute looking.
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